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Soxhlet Apparatus | Definition of Soxhlet Apparatus by ...

Soxhlet apparatus definition is - an apparatus for use in extracting fatty or other material with a volatile solvent (such as ether, alcohol, or benzene) consisting of a vertical glass cylindrical extraction tube that has both a siphon tube and a vapor tube, that is fitted at its upper end to a reflux condenser and at its lower end to a flask so that the solvent may be distilled from the flask ...

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1 Top Best Price Us8210087b2 Apparatus And Method For ...

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Patent Marking for Apparatus and Method Claims – A Quick ...

Oct 29, 2017 · Although Rexam asserted only the method claims of the '839 patent against Crown, the district court dismissed Rexam's counterclaim because the '839 patent also includes unasserted apparatus claims. The district court erred. The law is clear that the notice provisions of § 287 do not apply where the patent is directed to a process or method.

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708-DS Dissolution Apparatus | Agilent

The 708-DS Dissolution Apparatus is designed for reproducibility and ease of qualification, and is the ideal platform for standardizing dissolution testing. The rugged, yet versatile, instrument minimizes external variable influences and conforms to the USP Performance Verification Test (PVT) and enhanced Mechanical Qualification (MQ) standard ...

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Beginners Guide to Soxhlet Extractions

Although wet chemistr y methods will provide decent extraction efficiencies there are factors that may decrease consistency and product purity that is related to both man and method. By using a Soxhlet apparatus to perform the extractions the amount of solvent will be significantly reduced,

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Laboratory Testing Standards - ASTM International

Laboratory equipment standards, developed by ASTM, specify general laboratory apparatus such as lab ware and weighing devices. Products and Services / Standards & Publications / Standards Products. Laboratory Testing Standards. ASTM's laboratory testing standards are instrumental in specifying the standard dimensions, design, and make of the ...

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A Simple Dean-Stark Apparatus Explained - YouTube

Apr 22, 2013 · Professor Davis explains how a simple Dean-Stark apparatus can be used to separate water from refluxing toluene. This example is particularly relevant to driving condensation reactions to ...

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Patent Claim Covering Both an Apparatus and a Method for ...

Dec 13, 2005 · With regard to the fifth claim in dispute, the Federal Circuit noted that whether a single claim covering both an apparatus and a method for using that apparatus is invalid was an issue of first impression before the Court.

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21-27 Bulk Density Apparatus for Testing Plastic | Testing ...

Introduction. Bulk density apparatus is testing equipment used to measure the bulk density property of powder, granules and other "divided" solids, especially used in reference to mineral components (soil, gravel, sand), chemical substances, (pharmaceutical), plastics like polyethylene (hdpe or mdpe) pvc, polystyrene etc, or foodstuff and any other masses of granular or particulate matter.

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F‑IV, 4.13 Interpretation of expressions such as ...

4.13 Interpretation of expressions such as "Apparatus for ...", "Method for ..." Analogously, in the case of a "method of manufacture", i.e. a claim directed to a method for manufacturing a product, the fact that the method results in the product is to be treated as an integral method step (see T ...

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Embodiments of the present disclosure include methods, apparatuses, devices, and computer readable storage mediums for processing far-field environmental noise. The method can comprise processing collected far-field environmental noise to a noise segment in a predetermined format. The method can further comprise establishing a far-field voice recognition model based on the noise segment and a ...

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Method (patent) - Wikipedia

In United States patent law, a method, also called "process", is one of the four principal categories of things that may be patented through "utility patents".The other three are a machine, an article of manufacture (also termed a manufacture), and a composition of matter.. In that context, a method is a series of steps for performing a function or accomplishing a result.

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A method claim dependent on an apparatus claim? (US7873522 ...

In this case the wording of claim 18 is actually apparatus wording so the only thing really wrong is the one word "method". Intel could most likely fix this with a petition for a Certificate of Correction. Separately, a method claim could say: "gouging a hole in the ground using the apparatus of claim 1."

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Nikola Tesla's "Method of and Apparatus for Controlling ...

Method of and Apparatus for Controlling Mechanism of Moving Vessels or Vehicles, U.S. Patent No. 613,809, Nov. 8, 1898. Improvement in the art of controlling the movements and operation of a vessel or vehicle is herein described, which consists in producing waves or disturbances which are conveyed to the vessel by the natural media, actuating thereby suitable apparatus on the vessel and ...

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Apr 05, 2016 · DISSOLUTION TESTING APPARATUS 1. DISSOLUTION TESTING APPARATUS Bushra S. 1 2. Dissolution is the physicochemical process by which a solid substance enters the solvent phase to yield a solution. 2 3. Need of Dissolution testing devices • .

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Functional Claim Language Does Not Render Apparatus Claim ...

Mar 24, 2016 · IPXL Holdings stands for the proposition that "[r]eciting both an apparatus and a method of using that apparatus renders a claim indefinite." Id. In the claim above, the user using the apparatus to perform claimed functions constituted a method of using the claimed apparatus (of the base claim).

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Apparatus | Definition of Apparatus at Dictionary

Apparatus definition, a group or combination of instruments, machinery, tools, materials, etc., having a particular function or intended for a specific use: Our town has excellent fire-fighting apparatus.

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How to Set Up Distillation Apparatus - ThoughtCo

Distillation is a method of separating or purifying liquids based on their different boiling points. If you don't wish to construct the distillation apparatus and can afford it, you can buy a complete setup. That can get expensive, so here is an example of how to set up a distillation apparatus from .

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Applications of USP Apparatus 3: Reciprocating Cylinder

The USP Apparatus 3 – Reciprocating Cylinder (Bio-Dis) is an apparatus utilized for drug release profiling from extended release products because it can quickly and easily expose products to mechanical and physiochemical conditions which may influence the release of the products in the GI tract.

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Resistivity by Four Probe Method (Theory) : Solid State ...

Resistivity of semiconductor by four probe method 1. The resistivity of material is uniform in the area of measurement. 2. If there is a minority carrier injection into the semiconductor by the current- carrying electrodes most of the carriers recombine near electrodes so that their effect on conductivity is negligible. 3.

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Method and apparatus for borehole surveying - Schlumberger ...

Sep 17, 2002 · The invention is, in its various aspects, a method and apparatus useful for strapdown inertial navigation and surveying in a borehole. The method comprises maneuvering a .

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