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Gypsum | Organic Soil & Compost | Growing Organic

Soils that have at least ten percent organic material don't improve with the addition of gypsum, but if your soil comes up clay filled, it might benefit from some gypsum. Essentially, adding gypsum to your Site

Mar 12, 2009 · I've applied Gypsum to my own lawn over the years (pellitized with sulfur) because of our heavy soils, also high in pH. Does it REALLY help to loosen up the soil and help water permiate better, or is it more myth than fact? Had a customer (HOA) call today and inquire about Gypsum for their lawns. They have ALL CLAY.

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Never Add Clay to Sand or Sand to Clay | Pat Welsh Organic ...

Gypsum breaks up clay soils that are alkaline by releasing soluble calcium which replaces some of the sodium on the clay particles and thereby produces a more open soil structure. Work approximately half a coffee can full of gypsum into the earth on the bottom of each planting hole and also broadcast gypsum on the ground surrounding plants in ...

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Soil Conditioning – Establishing a Successful s and s and Gardens ...

Jul 21, 2000 · The addition of lime can raise the soil pH to excessively high levels, reducing the availability of plant nutrients and leading to poor plant growth. Advertisements for gypsum often claim the addition of gypsum will help loosen heavy, clay soils and improve soil drainage. The addition of gypsum to Iowa soils, however, is of little benefit.

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Soil response to Gypsum - YouTube

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Nov 19, 2014 · Many clay soils do benefit from the addition of Gypsum. Some do not. I recommend doing a simple test to see if your soil needs Gypsum or not.