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US5758760A - Continuous haulage system - Google Patents

A self-propelled articulated continuous haulage system including an elongated articulated body made up of a plurality of support frames aligned in endy-to-end abutting relationship. A conveyor system is carried by and supported centrally on the support frames. The haulage system includes a pair of endless traction chains carried on opposite sides of the support frames and spanning the length ...

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introduction of continuous miners and early longwall systems dictated, that for economic reasons, conveyor systems were the answer to underground haulage. Some surface mining of soft, unconsolidated ores and overburden, such as the German lignite fields, has also seen extensive use of large continues mining machines and conveyor haulage systems.

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| Rock Flow - Continuous Hard Rock Haulage System ...

The innovative ® Rock Flow system is a new technology that radically changes the way in which ore is moved in block caving mines from draw point to crusher. Rock Flow is achieved through continuous caving, removal from the drawpoint and conveying. The ® Rock Flow system comprises of several components, all centrally controlled from a remote location: the Rock Feeder RF300 to remove ore ...

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Joy Flexible Conveyor Train (4FCT) - YouTube

May 02, 2013 · This video feature the Joy Flexible Conveyor Train (4FCT) continuous haulage system. This system is used in both room & pillar and entry development operations. It features a .

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The Introduction of a Continuous Haulage at Douglas ...

CONTINUOUS HAULAGE PRODUCTION THE DOUGLAS EXPERIENCE SYNOPSIS Continuous haulage systems are widely applied in South African coal mines. This is probably the result of a lack of confidence because several attempts at mining with continuous haulages have failed. However, where belief in the system has persisted, further

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Joy 4FCT Flexible Conveyor Train - Underground Mining ...

The 4FCT flexible conveyor train is a true continuous haulage system that eliminates haulage-related bottlenecks and allows high-production continuous miners to operator at their maximum capacity. The increased production and efficiencies the 4FCT lends to continuous miner section of the operation improves the cost-per-ton performance of the ...

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Joy 4FCT continuous haulage systems deliver significant ...

Due to a chain traction system distributed along the entire length of the machine, the 4FCT offers greater traction and a lower ground bearing pressure over that of conventional haulage machinery. Also, the 4FCT's integral continuous mining power cable management reduces trailing cable damage.

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Rock Flow - Continuous Hard Rock Haulage System Page ...

- greatly improves productivity by making use of continuous haulage technology as compared to the conventional use of LHD's. The Rock Flow System combines the usage of a Rock Feeder, a Rock Mover and an automation system to deliver mass mining production with .

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Continuous Haulage System Archives - International Mining

Premron's Continuous Haulage System (CHS) project, meanwhile, will revolutionise coal mining in underground mines, according to METS Ignited. It eliminates the use of shuttle cars, used to take the coal cut from the wall of the mine to a transfer point further away in the mine (dead time).

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Continuous haulage system - RITM IndustryRITM Industry

Continuous haulage system The PM&P Flexiveyor is designed to follow a mining machine into a mining room, around corners, while continuously conveying material. The Flexiveyor system is highly customizable to fit into a wide cross section of different mining applications.

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Innovative concepts in underground materials handling

continuous haulage system. The bolter miner also installs the necessary roof and rib anchors to keep the cut section permanently secure for the mining process and future access. The material handling process between the continuous bolter miner and the permanently installed main underground conveyor system is done via the continuous haulage system.

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Face Area Haulage | Introduction | underground COAL

Both bridge systems provide a continuous haulage system similar to the flexible conveyor train systems while both have only recently been introduced into Australian mines (although a chain type bridge system was operated in one Australian mine during the 1990's with limited success)

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Underground Mining Transportation & Haulage Systems

Conveyor systems have come into common use in coal mines during the past decade. As this is written, belt conveyors are beginning to make their appearance in metal mines as a part of the underground transportation system, and an increasing number probably will be installed during the next few years. Locomotive Haulage

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MSHA - PIB P11-08 - Reissue of P07-22 - Operation of ...

Continuous haulage systems were introduced to the mining industry in the late 1950s, have been used routinely since the early 1970s, and following significant improvements became widely used in the early 1980s. Modern day versions have been responsible for dramatically increasing productivity. From 1985 to the present, there have been 8 ...

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Benchmarking continuous haulage - Research Online

Yet, continuous haulage offers considerable benefits, which are not always realized. However, there is now a resurgence of interest in these systems as coal mines seek to improve gate road development rates. As most market players are very reluctant to publish information, benchmarking continuous haulage systems can be difficult.

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Continuous haulage system - Free Patents Online

Jun 02, 1998 · In this specification a continuous haulage system is described for use in underground mining operations, especially mining operations involving continuous mining machines, but the invention is not confined to mining applications. Numerous kinds of articulated continuous haulage systems have been developed to convey broken material underground.

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EP1315660B1 - Continuous haulage system - Google Patents

A continuous haulage system (24) of claim 1, wherein the belt (1) is adapted to convey material, said belt (1) being suspended from the plurality of discreet supporting idlers by hanging members located along each opposing longitudinal edge of said belt, characterized in that each said hanging member has a hook-shaped cross-section with a ...

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Employing operational excellence to optimize underground ...

cutting time compared to the regular batch haulage system (utilization of 35% jumps to utilization over 50%), with an average of 20% improvement in production. Due to the higher efficiency and productivity a continuous haulage systems provides, along with the reduction of

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Industrial Minerals - Underground Mining | Mining ...

For the industrial minerals market, we offer a full range of entry development equipment, including heavy-duty continuous miners, continuous and batch haulage systems, and a wide range of feeder breakers. Our continuous miners include the 12HM series; within this series, the 12HM46 is the largest and most powerful drum-type continuous miner ...

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Future mining – underground

Future mining underground encompasses everything from haulage to mine planning to networks, and is an area where all the major mining companies and many of .

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