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Understanding Soil | AgSource Labs

Understanding a Soil Analysis . ... Buffer pH, also referred to as Buffer Index, measures the response of the soil to a known amount of lime. Lime is added to soil to neutralize soil acidity and raise the pH. ... Phosphorus (P) is an essential plant nutrient that is often low in soil and must be added as fertilizer. Phosphorus is a key nutrient ...

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Test Your Soil for Plant Food and Lime Needs - FSA-2121

• Plant food needed at planting or green­up. • Lime needed to offset harmful soil acidity. Before taking soil samples, draw a sketch showing the different fields or areas (Figure 1). Number each field or area. Figure 1 Sample areas around shrubs separately from turf. If you have a large lawn or , and applying it in the

Nitrogen absorption of plants is especially affected by soil pH, and this is why lawns are especially sensitive. Nitrogen is the soil nutrient most responsible for green foliage, and turf lawns are nothing but green foliage. ... They will likely perform an SMP buffer test on your sample(s) to indicate how much lime .

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Why, When and How to Apply Lime to Your Lawn

Lime is a soil amendment made from ground limestone rock, which naturally contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. When lime is added to soil, these compounds work to increase the soil's pH, making soil less acidic and more alkaline. Even though lime includes calcium and magnesium, which are essential nutrients for healthy plant growth, it's not a substitute for fertilizer.

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Soil Testing | Home & Garden Information Center

The soil buffer pH value is used along with the soil pH to calculate the amount of lime required for adjust of the soil pH into the correct range for optimal plant growth. Typically, lime is applied as pelletized dolomitic limestone, which takes several months to totally dissolve and change the soil pH.

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Agricultural Testing Services: Soil Sampling - noble

To grow well, plants require nutrients and an acceptable soil pH. Soil testing is the best way to find out how much lime and fertilizer to apply based on the crop and existing field conditions. ... and labeling soil sample bag(s). Use the appropriate sample ID from your field map.

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